The next project – ‘Wild Thing’

Hi again

Today I’d like to share a picture of my current quilt project in progress.  This is to be a single bed quilt for the spare room and I’ve christened it ‘Wild Thing’, due to the lovely leopard skin print, and the fact that I just love that song (if you don’t know which one I mean, it’s by The Troggs).

In this pic I’ve finally finished playing around with the layout, and have settled on this as my final design.  I plan to add some borders in black, and possibly another in the leopard skin, but will decide once I’ve got the piecing finished to that point.


I hope you like it.


Welcome to My Latest Hobby and New Blog!

Hi peeps

My name is Judi.  I’m a 50 something with a young outlook due to having a trendy daughter and 3 super cool granddaughters.

I’ve always been keen on crafts ever since my Dad taught me to knit at the ripe old age of FOUR!  Since then I’ve learned to sew, embroider, and do various paper crafts including card making and scrapbooking, for which I have another blog that you can see here if you’re interested: 

Anyway, over recent years I have developed a quite serious back problem which prevents me working and keeps me in bed a lot of the time, so out of necessity I turned to my hobbies to help keep me sane.  Initially it was the cardmaking and scrapbooking but what I really needed was something I could do during the many hours that I’m stuck in bed, then one day the lights sprang on …………… I’d got it!!  Patchwork, and quilting!!!  Talk about a ‘eureka’ moment.  So I got straight on the internet, found myself a pattern and ordered some fabric, and this is what I made:


As you can see, no small cushion to start me off, oh no, not for me!  I guess you’d say I’m an ‘in for a penny, in for a £’, type of girl so a KING size quilt it was!  I pieced the top completely by hand during a 3 week spell during which I was totally stuck in bed, and then when I was ready to quilt it I treated myself to a new sewing machine complete with walking foot.  As it was a rather large project it was pretty tough on a home sewing machine, but I managed it, and am VERY pleased with the end result.  However, doing it on the machine, was too QUICK!!  I wanted this sort of project to be slower, and fill the hours when I’m stuck in bed, didn’t I?  So now I’ve started a second project – a single size quilt for the spare room, and this time I intend to stitch it ENTIRELY by hand.  Wish me luck!